Aren't you tired of the exhorbitant amount we are charged for data in this part of the world? If you are, like me, then this info is just what you need.
The best data plan is ......... *Drum rolls The Glo SO Special data plan
The reasons i say its the best are
1. It is economic i.e #2500 for 10gb, whcih translates to #250 for 1gb
2. Can be shared among friends i.e you and your friends can both bring #1250 each and share the data 5gb each .

To share visit with the sim you subscribed with and click on the shared plans tab to add people

3. The best part is, if like me you are on glo bumpa package the 200% recharge bonus you get with each recharge which technically means the data is free.
So you see , this is a win win situation for all.

To subscribe,text 58 to 127 or dial *777# and choose from the options

What are you waiting for,hurry up and switch to glo.
Below is a pic of other exciting data plans you can choose from
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