Okay so you also have a smartphone? Well inasmuch as this little device has made life very easy, it also comes with lots of harmful effects on human lives. It has indeed solved our problems but here is a list of the problems it has created while solving other problems.

1. Severing Human Relationships
The smartphone has succeeded in connecting us to the whole world while disconnecting us from our immediate environment. Human relationship has been so severed by smartphone that the moment people meet you, the next thing they want to know is if you are on any social media. Many marriages have suffered due to this fact.

A lot of homes and businesses have been lost due to smartphone use.

2. Living through a lens
Every now and then we see new phones take over the market with specifications that Wow us to the spine. All people are now interested in while buying phones is the camera pixels.

Selfie and a host of other rubbish has taken over our world. We now chose to identify with our cameras than with people around us. Pictures are required to keep memories and not just for fun.

3. Time thief
It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the first and the last thing we touch everyday is our smartphone. On the average, we spend about 10-12 hours in a day staring at screens. Coupled with fast internet connection and HD games, our days are spent navigating our smartphone leaving us at the mercy of procrastination


4. Addictions
Addictions such as Pornography and masturbation are tied to smartphones. These handheld devices come in handy When trying to navigate the web and its security makes it perfectly safe to keep secrets.

5. Relying on Technology.
I have seen people who can no longer spell words correctly simply because they have auto correct on their smartphone. Some others are always interested in what Google has to say, their brain is no longer useful as far as they are concerned.

6. Health problems
use of smartphone and computers is linked to backaches, migraines, inadequate sleep and eyesight problems.

Smartphone in itself is not bad but the way we use it determines to a large extent if it is to build or destroy our lives.

Culled from Palmchatnow.com

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