After all said and done and your website is delivered to you, is now your turn to ask post design questions so you can re-validate your earlier agreement with your developer  and for you to confirm that your site had all the needed required features

(1) Is my site optimized for search engine?

The internet is filled with so much information on search engine optimization and it’s important to any personal, professional and business website  on the internet. SEO allows you to grab free organic traffic that’s around your business themes, phrases and keyword putting you in front of your target audience.

Okay so you also have a smartphone? Well inasmuch as this little device has made life very easy, it also comes with lots of harmful effects on human lives. It has indeed solved our problems but here is a list of the problems it has created while solving other problems.

1. Severing Human Relationships
The smartphone has succeeded in connecting us to the whole world while disconnecting us from our immediate environment. Human relationship has been so severed by smartphone that the moment people meet you, the next thing they want to know is if you are on any social media. Many marriages have suffered due to this fact.

This application right here is the best mobile scanning app i have used. Most of us are faced with the challenge of having our scanned documents ready anytime we need to complete applications online well,with this app you can kisss your visit to the cybercafes / business centres goodbye

The camscanner app developed by INTSIG Information Co.Ltd, is available on android platform as a free download. However, a paid version with more exciting features is available. Its  wonderful features include

1. optimized scan quality

2. advanced editing

Aren't you tired of the exhorbitant amount we are charged for data in this part of the world? If you are, like me, then this info is just what you need.
The best data plan is ......... *Drum rolls The Glo SO Special data plan
The reasons i say its the best are
1. It is economic i.e #2500 for 10gb, whcih translates to #250 for 1gb
2. Can be shared among friends i.e you and your friends can both bring #1250 each and share the data 5gb each .

ms config dialogue box

Ever wondered why some computers take a long time to boot?. This is because lots
of programs start running as soon an one's PC boots up. There is a fix for this.
I will show you steps to reduce start-up time of any PC.

1. press the windows key

2. Type "msconfig" then enter

3. A menu like the one below will come up

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